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10 Reasons You Will Benefit From All Natural Sun Protection

Sunscreen is Necessary to Protect Yourself from the Sun

Unfortunately, many commercial sunscreens are filled with chemicals that actually interfere with our bodies’ ability to produce the proper level of vitamin D. However, you can purchase all natural sun protection that has been specially formulated with organic ingredients to protect you and your loved ones from the dangerous effects of sun exposure.

When you use a sunscreen that’s non-chemical in nature containing 100% all natural ingredients you’re able to reduce your skin cancer risk without using chemicals.

Why Chemically Created Sunscreens are So Dangerous

Chemicals that are found in these sunscreens may cause severe health problems or increase your risk of contracting certain diseases. OMC is one of the main chemicals that are used in sunscreen that can be dangerous. This chemical is known to kill mice cells. And since it’s known to be toxic when it’s exposed to sunlight, why is it a component of 90% of all the commercially produced sunscreens available today? Studies have shown that the dangerous chemicals, in commercially produced sunscreens, are absorbed through our skin and then circulate throughout our bodies.

Our Coral Reef

Our coral reef is dying because of chemicals that are commonly found in commercially sold sunscreens. These ingredients are:

1. Cinnamate
2. Paraben
3. Camphor derivative
4. Benzophenone

It is thought that these four chemicals are responsible for awakening dormant viruses that are in a particular algae living in our coral reef. Only small doses of these chemicals can create an underwater viral epidemic. The infected algae begin to die. This algae is an essential part of the coral environment because they provide food energy which contributes to the reefs’ vibrant colors. When the coral does not have these algae, it turns white (bleaches) and dies. These viruses replicate, spreading throughout the coral communities surrounding them.

The Ten Benefits of Organic Sun Protection

You will be amazed when you realize all the benefits received when you use an all-natural sunscreen. Natural sunscreens will:

1. Help keep your skin healthy by nourishing it.
2. Protect your cells by repairing free-radical damage that may occur with exposure to the sun.
3. Reduces the appearance of damage to the skin that is caused by the sun.
4. Resist water.
5. Since they’re hypoallergenic, the possibility of skin reactions is eliminated.
6. Not have any parabens, chemical fragrances or nanoparticles.
7. Not kill our coral reef.
8. Not absorb the UVA & UVB rays but reflect and scatter them away from your body.
9. Provide you with a physical barrier from the sun, without clogging or irritating your pores.
10. Naturally moisturize your skin.

These are the many reasons you should consider using all natural sun protection. By using organic sun protection, you will also be helping to maintain our planet’s fragile underwater ecosystem.

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