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Viral pneumonia is contagious?

The most common causes of pneumonia include bacteria, viruses and other kinds of fungi that affect certain parts of the lungs of a human being. Is a highly contagious disease and has a tendency to spread through air particles. Healthy people can contract this disease through the breath and this leads the germ in their lungs and respiratory system that causes people to develop the disease.

People who have a weak immune system, such as the elderly and children and those people who have contracted other diseases such as cancer or HIV are prone to contracting this virus. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, smoking and work in unregulated temperature also increases the chances of a person who could develop pneumonia.

The influenza A and B usually attack the human body during the spring. Along with these two diseases, comes the synovial virus. Flu shot are usually administered to protect the person from the strain of virus that is trying to attack your system.

There are several symptoms of viral pneumonia and these can include muscle pain, tiredness and coughing up sputum. Sometimes, when a healthy person suffers from these types of diseases, the patient experiences only a certain tiredness and fever. Many people delay a visit to the doctor which results in aggravation of the symptoms. If the virus cannot be treated properly and not given medical attention when needed, worsens and begin to affect other parts of the body. Symptoms include severe fatigue and tiredness, chest pain, trouble breathing and coughing up bloody sputum. If rest is not taken correctly, your digestive system will get hit and you will feel an extreme amount of dehydration. Some other symptoms include nausea and vomiting, but not all people are affected in this way.

The doctor will use something called a chest X-ray, which will enable you to do a test on your sputum to decide if you are a carrier of pneumonia or not. If the disease is left completely untreated for an extended period of time will most likely cause pulmonary edema or even death in some cases.

There are several treatments to cure this condition including adjuvant drugs and antiviral. After the fever of a missing person, he is advised to take bed rest for five days just to make sure the virus doesn’t return. Doctors sometimes feel that their hands tied when dealing with this virus, as they cannot use antibiotics to treat the bacterial disease.

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