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Protein-how much do you need and where to get it?

I challenge everyone to write down what they eat every day. Do for a whole week, and then you can focus on what they are consuming. Few of us pay attention to what we eat, and only will amaze you. For anyone trying to make a change in his eating habits, knowing what you eat is always a great start to learn how to reduce what you shouldn’t eat.

If you really want to get crazy, copy all the labels on canned, frozen or packaged foods that you eat and work out how much sugar, fat and sodium are swallowed, too. If you eat out, you can easily get nutritional information from fast food online.

Now compare the consumption week with a look at the chart to a balanced diet. Notice that you should eat less of the following: grease, oil, salt, sugar and alcohol. After this the next grouping includes meat and dairy products. If you eat more of the foods that you should, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, you will find that you do not need to copy the labels to see what you are eating, because what you are eating is what you are buying without preservatives. Even if you don’t buy fresh, organic with its pesticides are better than canned and processed equivalent.

Add up the totals and try to compare them to a balanced diet. Is your heavy on the meat or protein? Have eggs and Bacon for breakfast, a ham sandwich for lunch and steak and potatoes for dinner? Where are the grains (also a good source of protein), fruits and vegetables? If you need meat, fish and poultry are best for you. But if you’re going for the protein, beans and nuts are the best and they are as filling as meat, too.

Most of the immigrants in America in the first 300 years of preferred settlement, pork and chicken to beef. It wasn’t until the civil war, when these two meat became scarce, that beef has taken over. Today we eat on average about 75 grams of protein each day. For a person who weighs about 160 pounds should have about 58 grams. That excesses could be justified if one eats more meat to replace or reduce the pop, bread or cakes, however.

A diet of moderation us usually provides all the protein we need. If you need meat, so try to focus on those that are flatter and treaties (which means avoid lunchmeats, sausages and Hot dogs.) The fact that about 80% of all antibiotics sold each year are used in livestock production which ends up eating is enough to give pause.

Do yourself a big favor and choosing to eat less salad or beans more when eating out. It not only will slim your waist, fatten your wallet. Maybe it’s because we keep track of what we eat. Just might transform us all in the garden grows, chicken farming, canning and dehydrating food paranoid!

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